REDCAR AND CLEVELAND TWINNING ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE MEETING Thursday 29th November 2018 4pm at 5 Ferndale Close, New Marske, TS11 8JQ

Present:  Pamela Stenson, Alison Dodds, Emma Stephenson, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Sheelagh Clarke, Lee Wise, Julie Baggott

Apologies: Ruth Bryan, Judith Larkin, Margaret Wilson, Rebecca Arnold

Thanks were offered to Phil and Linda for allowing the committee to meet in their home.  Lee was welcomed as a new committee member and welcome was extended to Rebecca, also a new committee member but who couldn’t make this meeting.

Minutes of last meeting accepted as correct.

Proposed: Pamela Stenson   Seconded:  Phil Howson

Matters Arising

It was reported that the new Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council website did not have anything about the Twinning Association on it.  They were contacted and this was amended within 48 hours.

To be brought forward to the next meeting: Margaret Wilson is intending to bring along Redcar and Cleveland’s planning document.

Chair’s Report

Most of Pam’s report concerned feedback from the recent trip.  Some of the new members travelling to Troisdorf suggested it would be a good idea to have a map of Troisdorf.  It was suggested that the Town Hall could provide maps of the area and we would ask Heidi about this possibility for the next visit.  It was also suggested that there could have been more information in advance and more detail about the programme of events and timings.  There had been some confusion about whether there would be hot or cold meals provided.  Members said they would have liked some time spent in Troisdorf, with their families, some quiet time to wander around or shop but it was seen generally as a good experience doing things people wouldn’t have done if left to their own itinerary.

Next Year’s Visit

Heidi has proposed Thursday 19th September 2019 for a long weekend for next year’s German visit to Redcar and Cleveland.  Depending on whether they travel using the ferry and coach or fly they will either be staying Thursday to Monday or Friday to Tuesday.  Alison is away until 20th September.  Although some of the Germans prefer staying at Saltburn House  the Twinning Association has enough members to accommodate everyone.

Although we don’t need to start planning events until the new year, members have suggested trips out for the German visit.  The Captain Cook Trail was a suggestion, visiting The Endeavour at Whitby and booking somewhere for fish and chips.  There’s a possibility that The Endeavour itself might cater for a private party.

Ripley Castle is also a suggestion for a full day venue with a meal.  The Skinningrove Mining Museum refurbishment will not be ready for a visit at the proposed time of the German visit.  However, lots of people had made suggestions so it was not seen as a problem to put together events for the German visit.  There was a question though as to where we could book for the social evening and whether we could book somewhere on a Sunday evening.  Last year we received a council grant.  It remains to be seen whether we would get financial assistance next year.

Treasurer’s Report

The small surplus income from members for the visit to Germany was used towards a 2 Euro contribution per person for the trips with the remainder put into the coach-driver’s tip; participants were content with this arrangement, that resulted in an overall zero balance.  In addition there was a cost to the Association for gifts, plus financial assistance that was agreed for a couple of members.

As agreed at this year’s AGM, subs are going up on 1st January 2019:

£10 Individual;  £15 Family;  £20 Corporate.

A date for a coffee morning at Sunnyfield House, Guisborough has not yet been booked for next year.  It was seen as worthwhile holding a coffee morning and Sunnyfield House was a suitable venue.  It was discussed whether this should take place on a Thursday or a Saturday but as the Methodist Church holds ‘Soup and  a Roll’ on a Thursday Alison is to enquire if we can get a Saturday in July or August.  It was suggested to provide a banner for The Twinning Association that could be hung at Sunnyfield House and to distribute some flyers prior to the coffee morning.

Social Meeting for Members

The last social gathering was on 8th February 2018 at Saltburn Golf Club.  Some of the committee proposed a different venue. After some discussion Friday 8th February was put forward as the best date for most people.  Potential venues were considered.  Pam is to make enquiries as to cost and the possibility of a private room somewhere on 8th February 2019.


Next Committee Meeting and AGM

Thursday 28th February is the next Committee Meeting before the AGM.  This will again take place at 4pm at Phil and Linda’s house. Emma can’t make the AGM if it’s on a Thursday evening due to her teaching schedule.  Alison is away 19th-29th March.  It would be too late to leave the AGM until April therefore the best date suggested was 7th March.  Pam is to check that the Heart is available in Redcar on this date. 

Christmas Tree Festival and Christmas Fair

Thanks given to Phil and Linda who are to set up a Christmas tree at the Emmanuel Church, Saltburn to represent the Twinning Association.  Viewing 1st-8th December 2018.  It was suggested that the glass ornament given for the 25th anniversary of the Twinning Association should accompany the Christmas tree if it would be in a safe place.

There will be a Twinning Association stall at the Christmas Fair at the Methodist Church, Guisborough on Tuesday 4th December 2018 5-7pm.

Press and PR

In the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s magazine, Autumn edition 2018, there is a picture of Pam and the Mayor giving some coverage of the Association.  The magazine is on the website.  Also in the Darlington and Stockton Times of 9th November 2018 there is an article about our trip.  There will be some coverage in the December edition of Saltburn’s ‘Talk of the Town’ and in the December edition of ‘Coastal View and Moors News’.

There is a school from Troisdorf that is looking for a twinning partner.  They contacted Anna Turley, MP of Redcar and organised a trip to London.  Pam is to contact Anna Turley to alert her to the Twinning Association’s presence whilst Alison is to contact Nunthorpe and Laurence Jackson schools again.

Any Other Business

Alison sent round for photos of the trip.  Phil had a pen drive holding Frank’s, Emma’s and his own photos.  Pam took the pen drive to add her own photos.  The pen drive will be given to David Dodds to sort through.

September 2018



Present:   Pamela Stenson, Alison Dodds, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Julie Baggot, Sheelagh Clarke

Apologies:   Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland, Emma Stephenson, Margaret Wilson, Ruth Bryan and Judith Larkin

Minutes of last meeting accepted as correct.

Proposed: Pamela Stenson  Seconded: Julie Baggott

 Matters Arising   

 Pam did not contact Great Ayton Twinning Association to see if any of their members would like to join the visit to Troisdorf in October, as we already had 28 participants.

Chair’s Report

Pam welcomed Sheelagh Clarke as our new President.

 Sheelagh introduced herself to the committee. She and her husband had got involved in the Town Twinning in approximately 2005 when they entertained some visitors from Troisdorf as part of that year’s visit. She also had some involvement with the borough’s Troisdorf link during her 15 years as cabinet member of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council for Tourism and Leisure. Sheelagh said that she values being involved in the Association, as a non-political activity. She really values personal contacts and said she was excited to be part of the Association. She circulated members of the committee with a paragraph about herself for information. Pam said she will circulate this to members.

Correspondence: Pam said that correspondence had mainly been to do with the forthcoming visit to Troisdorf.

Pam said she had sent an email about the Association to the office of the Tees Valley Mayor but had no reply. She has now sent a letter and has suggested that we could be involved in the proposed application for the Tees valley to be City of Culture, but has had no response as yet.

Sheelagh suggested a telephone call to his office may be helpful.


Treasurer’s Report

Alison reported that all payments by participants for the Troisdorf visit have now been made. The final bill to Delta will need to be paid very soon. Pam will request a final invoice once all details have been finalised with Delta.

Alison also reported that there have been a number of new members joining the Association as a result of being participants for this visit.

Alison reminded the committee about the forthcoming coffee morning on 29th September 9.00 to 12.00 at Sunnyfield House, Guisborough. All are asked to come along to help and to bring along contributions of cakes and savouries, plus tombola items.

The Association will once again have a fundraising stall at the Guisborough Xmas festival on Tuesday December 4th 5pm onwards. Committee members are asked to come along to help from 4pm. All are asked to collect gifts for sale and to bring these along to the next committee meeting.

Phil agreed to update the website about these events.


Visit to Troisdorf

There are now 28 participants. 11 double cabins and  6 single cabins have been booked.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Redcar and Cleveland will be travelling with the group and will be staying in a hotel in Troisdorf. The bus driver will be staying with a family. Pam and Alison will look at the balance for the visit once all costs have been finalised.

Pam reported that there will be 21 seats on our coach for the hosts.

An outline of the activities during the visit will be circulated to all participants.

Pick-up points: Pam will ask Delta if some can be picked up at their depot. The main pick-up points will be at Guisborough coach park and at Denis Bell’s house, Oak Road, Redcar.

There will be a stop in Valkenburg en route and arrival time in Troisdorf will be 5pm.

Pam talked through the programme.

Emma will produce a booklet for all participants.

Pam discussed gifts – the German Secretary and Chair had requested consumables this time. The Committee suggested English wine or similar.

The pre-trip meeting is on Thursday 18th October at 7pm.


Press and PR   – Pam will do some PR about our new President. She has also contributed towards an article for the Redcar and Cleveland Magazine, and this is to appear in the next edition.

Phil reported that he had found that the new Redcar and Cleveland website has no link to the Association. Pam said she would ask for a link to be put on.

To be brought forward to the next meeting: Margaret Wilson is intending to bring along Redcar and Cleveland’s planning document.


Education and Youth Links and Churches Together – to carry forward to next meeting.



Phil reported having been through Beatrice Lythgoe’s Twinning material. He has scanned relevant articles and has put some on the website. He has stored others in the media library related to the website. Sheelagh reported that any relevant things could be stored in the Teesside Archive.


Date of next meeting:

Emma cannot attend Thursday evening meetings at the moment because of teaching commitments. Alternative times were discussed. All agreed that 4pm on a Thursday would be convenient. Linda and Phil kindly offered to have the next meeting at their house.


Next meeting: Thursday 29th November, 4pm, 5 Ferndale Close, New Marske, TS11 8JQ

May 2018



Present:   Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Linda Howson, Phil Howso Emma Stephenson, Julie Baggot, Margaret Wilson, Ruth Bryan.

Apologies:   Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland and Judith Larkin

Introductory remarks

Margaret Wilson was welcomed as an official member of the committee.

The committee remembered Beatrice Lythgoe, who has recently died, for her great contribution to the Association. Her family has passed various twinning memorabilia to the committee. Phil Howson will scan and save within the website any relevant photos and documents.

Minutes of last meeting accepted as correct.

Proposed: Alison Dodds.  Seconded: Phil Howson

 Matters Arising   

 Pam plans to contact Great Ayton Twinning Association shortly to see if any of their members would like to join the visit to Troisdorf in October.

The pre-AGM officers’ meeting had to be postponed from the original date because of snow, but was then held at Emma’s house.

Chair’s Report

Pam drew attention to the increase in subs for 2019, which had been agreed at the AGM. It is to be £10 for individuals, £15 Family membership, £20 Corporate membership.

There was discussion regarding our need for a new President following the death of Beatrice Lythgoe. Various names were proposed and Pam will approach them in the order agreed.

 Pam has written to the Tees Valley Mayor’s office but as yet has had no reply.


General Data Protection Regulation act – Pam has been in contact with Redcar and Cleveland BC regarding this new act. She has established that we do not need to register ourselves as a body. We will need to amend our membership form in the future to comply with the requirements of the law. On the next Chair’s letter she will ask members if they wish to continue to be contacted or not. Additionally the Secretary will need to blind copy members in any email correspondence.

Visit to Troisdorf

There are now 26 participants and as a result Alison proposed that the cost be reduced to £300 per head (plus single cabin supplement of £40 as before where relevant). This was agreed by the committee.

There may still be further people wishing to take part. Pam intends to do some further PR.

The German group are currently finalising the programme. There is a public holiday in Germany on Nov 1st, and it may be that this day is spent with hosts. Some new hosts are being found for the new participants that we already have.

The group discussed pick-up points. One is to be Guisborough Coach park. Pam agreed to ask Denis Bell if a number of cars could be parked at his house so that the other pick up point in Redcar could be there.

Emma to contact Delta about the size of the coach and reply to recent enquiry from Heidi about the number of seats available for German hosts on day-trips.

Press and PR   – Pam is to do further PR re visit (see above).

Education and Youth Links and Churches Together – to carry forward to next meeting.


Margaret Wilson drew attention to the fact that Redcar and Cleveland borough Council is updating its website.

Margaret will try to bring along the Redcar & Cleveland Plan – Regenerating the Borough – to the next meeting.

Date of next meeting:

Thursday 13th September, 7pm, Prior Pursglove College.



Present:   Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Linda Howson, Phil Howson  Emma Stephenson, Julie Baggot, Judith Larkin.

Apologies:   Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland, Margaret Wilson, Ruth Bryan Beatrice Lythgo

Minutes of last meeting accepted as correct.

Proposed: Alison Dodds.  Seconded: Pam Stenson


Matters Arising     Thanks to everyone who contributed to Xmas Tree exhibition at the Saltburn Emmanuel Church.


Chair’s Report .     We now need to focus on a suitable date for the visit to Troisdorf later this year, and, how do we encourage more people to join the Association?

There will be a new Chair’s letter for members and the website.

Correspondence from Heidi has indicated that their committee would like us to suggest dates asap in order to decide where visitors will be staying.

Pam has been collating quotes and information re dates in July and October.

Possibility of leaving on 26th July for 4 nights, back in UK 1st August.

Or during October half term – Mon to Fri  – 28th October to 3rd November.

Delta – by ferry and coach in July or October; cost per person would be approx £377 pp in July, assuming a minimum of 24 passengers.

Flights from Manchester would be approx £122 plus extra travelling by coach/rail.

It was suggested further quotes be obtained –  Pam will contact Abbotts, and negotiate with Delta for a better price – also is Newcastle departure a possibility?

Also to enquire re cost of single supplement on the ferry.

There was discussion re the most popular time to go in order to maximise the number of people able to travel. It was decided that 28th October to 3rd November would be the most suitable – therefore Pam will contact Heidi with these proposed dates.

A letter to be issued to all members about the trip to state that costs would be no more than £400.   Remind everyone to organise their own travel insurance and EHIC cards.

Travel arrangements may have to be revised if there are too few going. There are flights from Manchester to Cologne.

Great Ayton Twinning Association to be contacted to invite participation in trip.

Those intending to go will need to pay £100 deposit (non-returnable).

There is still the discretionary 50% support for those who qualify for this.


Treasurer’s Report

The Xmas Fayre.   £55 takings, £8 Fee, therefore £43 profit.

Mr Stephenson will be auditing the End of Year financial accounts.

The Lloyds account signatories will need to be amended. Ruth Bryan no longer signatory and Emma Stephenson to add.

Insurance  – Alison is awaiting details/quote from AON, who have been recommended by Great Ayton Twinning, as they are going through similar process.

The Social Evening Meal will be on 8th February.  Cost to be no more than £15.

A letter to go to members, with subs reminder, for bookings for the meal – with proviso to pay in advance.

Coffee morning later in year – Sat 29th September proposed at Sunnyfield House in Guisborough.  Request tombola in writing.

Press and PR   –  recruitment of new members and to advertise the October visit.

To contact Coastal View & Moors News, Guisborough Life, Saltburn Talk of the Town, and Darlington and Stockton Times, and others including local Radio.

Education and Youth Links and Churches Together – to carry forward to next meeting.

We are planning for the AGM to take place at The Heart in Redcar on 15th March 2018 at 7pm.  Pam will confirm this with R&C BC.  Members have to be given 14 days notice.

Nominations are required for a new Chair, as Pam is only Vice Chair for one year.

AOB.  A reminder to all that Tea/coffee/refreshments are NOT available at Prior Pursglove – we just have use of the room, so please do not ask at desk !!

 Tees Valley- any connections for partnership with other Twinning Associations?

Loftus Town Council are sending a cheque for corporate membership, this could be mentioned on our website.

Pam to write to Carl Quartermain re no mention of Twinning Association in the R & C Annual Report.  Also to Jane re Twinning Display at the Heart.

Emma mentioned the Primrose Bell market which took place in Redcar on 23rd December 2017- it would be good to have stall there next year for publicity,

Next Meeting will be pre AGM officers meeting on 1st March at Linda and Phil Howson’s home at 7pm.


October 2017


Present:  Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Linda and Phil Howson, Judith Larkin, Julie Baggott.

Apologies:   Mayor Cllr Karen King, Beatrice Lythgoe, Emma Stephenson,  Ruth Bryan, Margaret Wilson

Remembering Eric Whitham who died recently, he was a long-standing member.

Also Margaret Jackson and her son who are both doing well.


Minutes of last meeting 22nd June – proposed as being true record.

Seconded by Pam Stenson. No matters arising.

Chairman’s report

Thanks to one and all for various duties during the visit. Also to the Mayor for her enthusiastic participation and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council for their support.

Have written to Jorvik, Caterers, Daisy Maes, Black Sheep Brewery, Saltburn House and coach company for their good work and hospitality. Have also emailed Heidi re successful visit. We all have plenty of photographs and lots of happy memories.

Correspondence:  Peter Barron has contacted the Chair re support for Redcar Racecourse’s Oktoberfest on 6 October; however, it was felt that there was not enough notice and that we would require more information in future.  He has since had a reply from the Mayor of Troisdorf.

Martin Smith provided a copy of an article about the Association that will be published shortly in the next edition of Guisborough Life magazine.


Treasurer’s Report

Public Liability Insurance has been with AON,  We will have to get new quotes when due for renewal in April as they will not be covering Pubic Liability in future. Alison will speak to Denis and to GATA re this and investigate other options.

Troisdorf visit:  a summary sheet of income & expenditure is available

Coffee Morning: the last one made a small profit. Next one is booked for 4/8/18. Can this be changed to 1/9, 30/6 or 29/9?


Dates of Next Visit

Still waiting to hear from Heidi – we have suggested the end of July as a possible alternative to October half-term.  However, some members prefer school holidays, while others do not. Therefore we continue to keep all options open for now.

Guisborough Christmas Evening 5th December

 Table booked in Methodist church. Need help to set up and and attend stall 4pm till 8pm. Items for sale such as crafts, good quality books, box chocolates, unwanted gifts etc are welcome. Next Chair’s letter to include details.

Social Evening and meal in January/February

Thursday 8th February agreed, various venues discussed.

Saltburn Golf Club to be contacted – will need to confirm details of meal etc after New Year.

Web Site

Reminder for subs due 1/1/18 and photos of visit .


Emmanuel Church Saltburn is having a Christmas Tree Exhibition, 2-16 December.

The WI are organising this and have invited the Association to decorate a tree.

It was agreed to organise this – Phil has a tree.  To be decorated in Twinning  theme. Pam will email WI accepting invitation.


Next meeting – 11th January at 7pm  Prior Pursglove.

June 2017


Present:   Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Ruth Bryan, Emma Stephenson, Julie Baggot, Margaret Wilson, Judith Larkin, Tom Williams.

Apologies:  Mayor Karen King, Cllr Dale Quigley, Denis Bell, Beatrice Lythgoe, Linda and Phil Howson.

Minutes of last meeting  – accepted and approved.

Proposed – Alison Dodds,  Seconded  Judith Larkin


Welcome by the Vice Chair – Pam Stenson.

Remembering Joyce Bell, Cam and Colin Nertney.  Fond and happy memories of the three members of the Association who sadly passed away recently.


Welcome to Cllr Margaret Wilson. Cllr Carl Quatermain has moved on and Cllr Dale Quigley will be his replacement as the R&C BC representative.

Margaret Wilson noted that Middlesbrough Twinning Association are granted funding from the council towards the costs of their visitors from Oberhausen.


Planning for September Visit

The visitors will be arriving on Friday 8th September. The Mayor Cllr Karen King has agreed to meet and greet at the Redcar Heart. The exact time is not yet known – their flight is into Manchester at 11.55am and they will be picked up by coach.  Probably arriving in Redcar between 1500/1600hrs.

The Friday evening meal will be with hosts.

Saturday 9th September.  Trip to York, with a tour of Jorvik, German language option available. The tour is booked for 12.20 + 12.40 and takes approximately 1 hour.

A maximum of 40 people in two groups are allowed for this.

The cost is £5.70 Senior 60+ and £7 15 for adults, with one in 10 free places for named Group Leaders (Heidi, Emma, Alison & Pam).  We need to confirm age details of the visitors from Heidi.

After the Jorvik visit there will be plenty of free time for lunch etc (at own expense)  before coach departure at approx 5pm – yet to be confirmed.

The pickup points forYork trip will be Saltburn House at 9 45am and Guisborough Fountain Street car park at 10 am.Alison will be contacting York Tourist Information for some guides.The coach has been booked, by Emma, with Delta.


Sunday 10th September.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Experience at 11am. Tea/coffee and biscuits provided.  To depart Saltburn 10.15am and Guisborough 10.30am.

After the Bridge Experience there will be transport to the Mima Art Gallery in Middlesbrough where there is a cafe.We will leave at 2pm for 2.30pm tea tasting, with cream scones, at Daisy Mae’s in Redcar.  Coach to be available for return to Saltburn 4.30pm / 5pm.

Evening meal with hosts.

Monday 11th September.

Black Sheep Brewery trip, Masham.  Includes lunch (with one drink, tea or coffee) and trip around brewery. Lunch is at 12.30 with meal choices to be ordered in advance.To depart Saltburn 9.15am and Guisborough 9.30am.

There will be time for a look round Masham afterwards, leaving 3pm.

In the evening there will be a Social Event at the Cricket Club in Guisborough.

This is booked for 7pm. Volunteers needed to transport visitors staying in Saltburn.

The room charge at Cricket Club is £40. The Buffet has been priced at £5.95 per head for around 60 people + New Day Singers.

If the R&C BC prefer to use their own caterers we would be happy with that arrangement.  A cold finger buffet would probably be apropriate as a hot lunch is organised at Masham.

Jane will be letting us know if the Mayor and any other Councillors intend to join us for the evening.

The New Day Singers have been booked – with a preference for an ‘up beat’ programme- songs from the shows and a German song.  They will perform at 7.15 to 8pm approx. Hopefully the Mayor will introduce the evening at 7 10pm with the buffet and speeches and gift exchange after the Choir.  The choir cost is £50.

Pam will liaise with Jane to invite R&C BC representatives.


Tuesday 12th September

Breakfast at Saltburn House 9.30am.

Departure at 11am to Manchester  – flight is 17.30 after a guided tour.

Existing funds will cover cost for the Cricket Club and the Choir, and Pam proposed that the Association do this.

Alison said it would be viable to ask the visitors to pay £40 towards their overall costs and if the Council do not donate any funds we will have to provide approx £500 towards the Social Evening.  Hosts will have a free evening.

If the council decides to fund the buffet then members will not need to contribute.

Members going on trips will need to pay in advance.


Treasurers Report

Total costs for the September Visit were discussed and agreed.

There is no change in membership numbers since last meeting, with the possibility of new members, Janet and Denis Claridge, who have been sent proforma, as they will be hosting a German visitor.

Saturday 5th August  Coffee Morning at Sunnyfield House Guisborough.

Tombola items needed.  Emma & Alison will organise the Tombola and other members to be available to serve tea/coffee etc.

Donations of cakes, scones and savouries to sell will be appreciated.

The bookings for 2018 at Sunnyfield House cannot be made until 3rd July. Will book for 28th July or 4th August when appropriate. Judith will do.


Press and PR

Have full page article in recent Guisborough Life magazine.


Emma will do a programme, with tick sheet, for all hosts & members before the pre-visit  meeting on Thurs 31st August at the Pursgolve Centre..

We need to know if R&C BC will be contributing asap.


March 2017.

Dear members and friends,
This year’s AGM took place at the Redcar Community Heart on Thursday 16th March. Although we are pleased that there were 15 people in
attendance,including the Mayor of Redcar & Cleveland,Councillor Barry Hunt,and Councillors Carl Quartermain and Margaret Wilson,there were more apologies (18) than members present (13).We also have to report that because there were no nominations for Chairman this year, I have agreed to continue in the role of Vice-Chair,as proposed at the AGM.

The following Committee members were elected:
Chairman VACANCY
Vice-Chairman Pamela Stenson
Treasurer Alison Dodds
Secretary Emma Stephenson
Assistant Secretary Judith Larkin
Committee-website Philip Howson
Committee Linda Howson
Committee Richard Rudland
Committee Ruth Bryan
Committee Julie Baggott
Hon Vice-President Denis Bell
2 R&CBC representatives To be confirmed
Please do get in touch with a member of the Committee if you feel that you could assist us in anyway until we are in a position to elect a new Chairman.This is your opportunity to be involved with the running of the Association.All members are welcome to our Committee meetings which are notified in advance on our website.
Our next Committee meeting will be on Thursday 27th April,when we shall be continuing to make plans for our visitors from Troisdorf in September;they will be with us from the evening of Friday 8th until the morning of Tuesday 12th.Please let our Secretary Emma
know as soon as possible if you are able to host anyone;we also need to know if you have already agreed to host visitors who are planning to travel.Thanks.
A request from Middlesbrough-OberhausenTown Twinning:They are short of a host for two people for the week beginning 7th August and have asked whether anyone from our Association can help please. If you can offer accommodation, please contact Tom Williams asap for further details Many thanks.
Finally, a date for your diary :Our next fund-raising coffee morning will be at Sunnyfield House in Guisborough on Saturday 5th August 9.30am–12noon. We hope to see many of you there.
Best wishes ,from Pamela Stenson.




Minutes of Committee Meeting Thursday 16th February 2017 at Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough.

Present: Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Denis Bell, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Emma Stephenson.

Apologies: Judith Larkin, Beatrice Lythgoe, Ruth Bryan, Richard Rudland, Judy Granger, Margaret Jackson (resigned)

Minutes from previous meeting:   Apologies from Emma regarding uncirculated minutes due to issues with email system.  Hard copies circulated at meeting.

Amended minutes proposed by Alison Dodds, Seconded by Denis Bell

Welcome by the Chairman – Pam Stenson

Matters Arising:

Redcar and Cleveland Council’s annual report has not been produced yet, but there should be a summary of our trip to Troisdorf in it.

Theo – information received on 12th January was “all is well”.

Business Cards – Emma to look at a design to incorporate the logo, the three email addresses, website and Facebook page addresses.

Chairman’s Report:

We had another successful social at the Fox and Hounds in January, with 19 members attending.  We hope to continue this as an annual event but with a possible new venue.  This will be reviewed in the Autumn.

We are looking forward to the AGM and the visit from our German friends later in the year.

Thanks were given to everyone who contributed to the Christmas event either through donations of items, time or support.

Options of other possible events were discussed such as summer fairs or events in the area, including cake stalls however, a food hygiene certificate may be needed.  This kind of event would be mainly about raising interest in the organization rather than fundraising.


Pam provided a quote for Guisborough Life’s article looking at Brexit via email.  Alison to follow up with two new members regarding a quote.

The Now and Then magazine (no. 104) included a colour photo of our trip.

Treasurer’s Report:

The accounts have now been audited and thanks were given to Brian Stephenson for doing this.

The final total for the Christmas Fair in Guisborough Methodist Church had previously been circulated but was amended due to missed expenses. The actual total was £46.62.

Donations of money and gifts had been received by members.

Membership figures to date include: 10 family memberships, 15 individual memberships, 1 corporate membership (Loftus Co-Op) and Prior received honorary membership for letting us use their facilities for meetings.

Brotton Co-Op is becoming McColls. Thanks noted to Tom Williams for calling into East Cleveland stores.

Alison to email Phil regarding corporate members addresses to enable updated information on the website.

Linda has asked Judy about Arriva and were waiting for details.

Alison to email previous members to remind them about the need for subs to be paid before the AGM.

Press and PR

The website and Facebook are both up to date.

Education and Youth Links – Carried forward.

Churches Together – Carried forward

September Visit

Pam to ask Redcar and Cleveland Council about an arrival reception on the Friday teatime.

Emma to contact Heidi regarding numbers for Saltburn House.

Emma to contact father Adam to identify his preference of day, either Saturday or Monday, and an evening in Loftus.

Discussions were held about other activities for a day in York: the Jorvik Centre, a guided walking tour, a talk by the Snickleways of York author.

Other options for visits could be to Hull, the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham (with a visit to Leyburn), the Transporter Bridge and tea tasting or afternoon tea at Daisy-Mae’s Vintage Tearoom in Redcar.

Future Events

AGM / Photo Evening, Thursday 16th March, 6.30pm for 7pm start.

To be held at the Leisure and Community Heart again.

Discussions held regarding nominations.

Denis to come to future meetings as the Honorary Vice President not a committee member.

Visit from Troisdorf Friends, Friday 8th – Tuesday 12th September

Saltburn House to be contacted in January and confirm with Heidi.

A corporate membership form to be sent to Loftus Town Council with dates of visit.

Any other business

We now own a USB stick to aid with transferring photos etc for the website.

East Cleveland Baptist Church’s Ladies Group asked if anyone could give a talk about the association.  Pam will be doing this on Monday 22nd May.

Next Committee Meeting – TBC




Meeting held on 15th September 2016 in Prior Pursglove College Guisborough at 4 30pm.

Present:   Beatrice Lythgoe, Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Denis Bell Emma Stephenson, Judith Larkin, Richard Rudland.

Apologies:  Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Margaret Jackson, Ruth Bryan, Judy Grainger, Mayor Cllr Barry Hunt.

Welcome by the Chair – Pam Stenson:  Apologies for late delivery of minutes from last meeting.Matters Arising:

Pam Stenson has booked the Fox and Hounds, Guisborough Thursday 27th January for our annual social evening.6.30 for 7pm.

Denis Bell proposed the minutes be accepted as a true record of previous meeting and Alison Dodds seconded this.

Chairman’s Report  We need to check with Loftus Town Council re their Corporate Membership application, as Redcar and Cleveland Council have no problem with this we can now reply accordingly.

Any other correspondence:  Alison had a note from Margaret Wilson apologising for missing the coffee morning.

Denis noted that the forms re Insurance for the trip had no return address –

Emma will rectify this.

Coffee Morning:

Thanks to Beatrice for providing the tea and Denis for his donation and for all tombola prizes.

There was a profit of £147.27 after expenses.

Alison has made a booking for another coffee morning on Sat 5 August 2017.  Notices to go in car park next year to advertise this?

Arriva NE have now paid for their corporte membership.

All those booked on the trip to Troisdorf  have now paid in full – apart from one couple who still have o/s £200 plus one o/s membership fee is due.

Trip Planning

23 people are travelling and Gary (coach company) would like cabin sharing list and pick up points asap.

The list shows addresses as follows:-

1       Loftus

9       Guisborough

8        Redcar

2        Eston

1        Eaglescliffe

2        Stockton

The Stockton, Eaglescliffe, Eston and Loftus travellers will be requested to  come to Guisborough or Redcar.  Emma to sent out letter or e-mail re preferences.

Denis can still accommodate several cars if they prefer to park at his house and be picked up from there – Oak Road, Redcar.

Guisborough would be Fountain Street Coach Park.

Margaret Wilson has requested a front seat because of possible travel sickness.

The driver, Luke, and Gary from Delta will attend pre-trip meeting.

Cabin sharing  –  Tom and Denis.  David and Anthony.

Ruth has paid for single cabin.

Emma and Julie , Alison and Margaret Wilson, Ann and Anne.

Total  –   11 doubles and one single

Emma will let Gary know asap.

Gary intends to e-mail invoice soon and Alison will sent the cheque.

Pre-trip Meeting:  Information Sheet to include:-

Pick up times

Cabin Sharing

Name and phone numbers of key people  ( Pam, Alison, Emma)

Name and phone numbers of hosts

Programme of events.

Amount of 35 Euros to pay per person – via Alison, in cash en route to Troisdorf.

Pam will draft a notice as Chair’s Letter about the pre-trip meeting.

Pam has emailed Jane at R + C Council re the items suitable as gifts for the hosts,  She will collect these in October.

The formal gift for the Official Evening has already been purchased – Queen’s Celebration Tea Pot.  Other gifts will be needed for –  Theo, Heidi and Frank, and maybe AN Other.


Press and PR  Phil is keeping the website updated and Facebook hits are improving.

David Dodds will do some group photographs in Troisdorf and a review of the trip will be produced for the press afterwards.

Education and Youth Links and Churches Together

Nothing to report this time.

Future Events

Christmas Festival  –  6th December – a table booked in Methodist Church (5-7pm), Westgate, Guisborough


Beatrice said Thank You for the birthday card.

Next Meeting

Thursday 1st December 7pm:  to reflect on trip and discuss Christmas Festival Event and January meal etc.



Minutes of Committee Meeting held at Prior Pursglove College Guisborough on  Thursday14th July 2016 at 4 30pm.

Present:    Beatrice Lythgoe, Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Denis Bell, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Emma Stephenson, Judith Larkin.

Apologies:   Mayor Cl Barry Hunt, Ruth Bryan, Margaret Jackson, Richard Rudland, Judy Grainger.

Matters arising from previous minutes/meeting 5th May 2016.

Denis Bell proposed an amendment ie: regarding the Discretionery Allowance there should be officers’ approval for all applications.

This was seconded by Alison Dodds.

No other comments regarding the previous minutes. Denis Bell proposed they were a true record and this was seconded by Alison Dodds.

Chairman’s Report and Correspondence:

Pam has invited the Mayor of R+C BC or the Deputy Mayor to join us on the Troisdorf trip in October but they are unable to go.

A request from Loftus Town council to be corporate members of the Association has been received.  Pam will take advice and respond.

Heidi has sent details of the new committee in Troisdorf:

Chairman Theo Lettman;

Vice Chair  Barbara Bujotzek

Manager  Heidi Eick;

Treasurer  Frank Eick

Secretary  Christina Metzlaff (correspondence)

There will be some new members on the trip, including Anthony Mills and Mr & Mrs Nicholson from Great Ayton Twinning Association.  Alison will e-mail membership forms.

Alison attended a meeting of Great Ayton Twinning Association, who said they would publicize the Troisdorf trip.  Their fundraising is very successful – raising approx £700 p.a. from a ‘hot meal’ event in the village hall and quiz nights with around 25/30 members.  Alison said that they are happy to share publicity going forwards.

Other Correspondence:  disappointingly there has been no reply from the Apollo Choir or Abi Alton about the trip;  although there was some interest from members of the Marske Fishermans Choir there were not enough to form a singing group for us.

Pam has drafted a new Chair’s Letter about the October pre-trip meeting, visit and membership.  Emma will circulate to everyone and Phil will include on the web site when all agreed.

Re Corporate Membership of Prior Pursglove College – Alison has sent e-mail to the Vice Principal and a reply was received to say they would be very happy to continue to provide us with a meeting room as and when needed in return for complimentary membership.

Alison will also contact Judy about the Arriva corporate membership fee.

Visit to Troisdorf   

21 members plus the driver have now booked.

As the trip was costed for 25, more people on board would be good.

A friend of Denis Bell’s and an enquiry Pam had via e-mail may also be interested. Also Peter Samson indicated he might like to come – Alison to contact him.

Emma will be in touch with Heidi re new hosts needed in Troisdorf.

Heidi will arrange parking for the coach.

Also Emma’s sister may be interested in joining the the trip in Rotterdam, it was agreed that approx £140 would be the cost in this case.

The trip was costed at £6300 – if only 21 persons (driver free on the ferry) are travelling at most the shortfall will be £1000. There will be an additional charge for a single cabin on the ferry. Pam to ask Coach Company what the extra cost will be.  Alison and David have offered to split and share a cabin with others if necessary.

Pam has purchased a Queen’s Birthday tea pot as an official gift and has also contacted Jane at R+C BC for some smaller gifts to take to Troisdorf.

Pre trip meeting to be booked for Lecture Theatre at PPC on Thurs 13th Oct 7pm.

Booking forms for the trip will be available at the coffee morning.

Website:  Phil will continue to up-date with minutes etc.  He would like someone to check the German translation in case it needs amending.

Alison will look into this and Emma’s friend, who is German, may also help. It is noted that there is a new Troisdorf website up and runnning.

Education:  Alison e-mailed Bydales (Outwood Academy) Head and Carol re possibility of Y10 German students going to Troisdorf. No positive response as yet – but she will try again

 PR:  Ruth offered to keep up contact with radio publicity.

On Facebook there have been 35 likes.

Churches Together: carry forward potential links, especially with Loftus Parish Church and Churhes Together groups in R+C

Coffee Morning 30/7: Various committee members offered to help.

Pam will take supplies of coffee etc. Alison has some items left from Christmas to use on tombola.  More prizes are needed and cakes etc for sale.

Alison has letter re booking dates for next year at Sunnyfield House,  possibly end of July or early August 2017.

Guisborough Town Christmas Festival will be Tues 6th December and it was agreed to book a table again at Guisborough Methodist Church.

A O B:  Phil suggested that another social evening be organised for Thursday 26th January 2017 at the Fox + Hounds, Slapewath.  Pam to book for 15-20 people.

Denis said he had problems printing out minutes. This was explained by different (incompatible) programmes on our computers.  He also mentioned the change of time for committee meetings from 7 30pm to 4 30pm.  Is this the reason some people cannot attend meetings?  The next meeting has already been arranged for 4 30pm on Thursday 15th September but we will ask for preferences again then.

Tad Web has not been particularly helpful in dealing with problems to sort out issues including the spam filter. Emma needs new access code.  Alison will e-mail this to her.


Committee Meeting held on Thursday 5th May 2016

at Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough at 4 30pm.

Present: Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Margaret Jackson, Emma Stephenson,

Phil Howson, Ruth Bryan, Richard Rudland, Judy Grainer, Denis Bell ,Judith Larkin.

Apologies:   Beatrice Lythgoe, Linda Howson.

Chairman:   Welcome to our two new committee members – Richard Rudland and Judy Grainger.

The chairman said she was really pleased with the turnout at the AGM – and thanks to the old and new committee members for their commitment.

The key focus for now is to make the October trip viable.

Minutes of last meeting – 4th February 2016 – were accepted as a true record,

Proposed – Denis Bell   Seconded – Judith Larkin.

Since then there has been two officers meetings ( 10/3/16 pre AGM and 13/4/16 to agree on date for Troisdorf trip this year).

Matters Arising – Phil reported that Ekkehard’s visit had gone very well and that he had been very appreciative. Many thanks to Linda and Phil for their hospitality to Ekkhard, he intends to meet up with the visitors in October.

As an action point – if there are requests in future of a similar nature the visitor should be a member of the Twinning Association.

Correspondence: Pam has been in touch with Heidi about October visit.

She has also contacted the Apollo Choir and Marske Fisherman’s Choir to ask if anyone would be interested in the Troisdorf trip. Also has emailed Abi Alton.

As yet no replies.

Redcar and Cleveland BC are to display some posters in their offices re our visit.

Local councils have information for their notice boards and magazines.

Talk of the Town (Saltburn) will carry a notice re the trip.


Treasurer’s Report:

Membership fees – some have not been paid in yet and will be sent reminders.

Prior Pursglove College has had Corporate membership in the past. Alison suggested that it would be appropriate to award this ‘in kind’ as appreciation for the use of rooms for our meetings.

Bydales School have scaled down their German classes- if any at all – and Alison has, as yet, not received a reply.

We have new Corporate Memberships: Zetland Co-operative, Loftus and Arriva Redcar (Buses). Also possibly an opticians in Loftus.

It was suggested that a line on the bottom of the Association’s website should carry a link to the Corporate Members, and mention that new Corporate Members are very welcome. Phil will be dealing with this.

At the previous Officers Meeting there was discussion re Hardship fund and it was agreed to be called ‘Discretionary Hardship Fund’ – where 50% of costs towards a trip could be awarded, on application to the Treasurer and Chair.

This was proposed by Denis Bell and Seconded by Margaret Jackson.

Ruth suggested that Emma Stephenson, Secretary, should have a ‘permanent imprest account’- petty cash. Asison proposed an amount of £20 and she will keep a record of any expenditure. This was agreed by the committee.

October Visit

Alison reported that up to now there are 16 places booked, driver will be one extra, with one further in the pipeline. £1700 paid up to present.

Alison asked if membership fees would be waived for people travelling to Troisdorf for the first time with the Association. She also reported that there may be further interest from the U3A.

The possibility of reduction for children (16 and under) was discussed with the suggestion that the Hardship Fund be considered. There would have to be family membeship for any application and an adult family member travelling with a child.

At the Officers Meeting in April various coach company costs were discussed and having had a meeting with Delta, it was agreed to make the booking with this company in view of their experience and the cost is acceptable. Their driver is also happy to stay with a host.

Heidi will determine coach parking facilities – the host family will hopefully transport the driver to the coach park.

The ferry booking is for outside cabins, flat beds. In order for the cost to be viable there needs to be a booking for 25 people.

Pam proposed that a deposit for the coach should now be paid – this was seconded by Denis Bell.

Travel arrangements are to leave Redcar/Saltburn on 23rd October at approx 2pm for 8pm departure from Hull. Passengers can choose to eat on board before or after setting sail.

Time of arrival in Troisdorf will be 13 30pm/2pm on 24th.

Departure will be Friday 28th October at noon, going directly to the ferry.

Arrival home on Saturday 29th October.

Denis has offered parking for 5 cars at his home in Redcar.

The coach driver will have Thursday as his day off duty.

Delta have provided evidence of their licence and planned the route.

There was discussion re more people for the trip and it was suggested that the Middlesbrough Oberhausen group be contacted as well as other Twinning Associations in the area.

Emma to send reminder to those travelling of the necessity for insurance cover. At the pre visit meeting passports, EHIC card and insurance to be checked.

End of August for full balance payment. Denis suggested that members could pay in staggered amounts – eg £50 per month


Press and PR

Ruth to maintain contact with Radio Tees and Radio Zetland.

18th June there is a Food and Arts Event in Saltburn.

Any posters about the Association and advertising the planned trip could go up at the Gleneagles Centre, Libraries, Guisborough Bookshop, Guisborough Priory Information Hut etc.

Phil said he is willing to take on board any ideas for the website to promote the trip.


Churches Together

Father Adam not able to come on trip due to other commitments.

Coffee Morning   – Reminder   –   Saturday 30 July 9.30am – 12noon at Sunnyfield House in Guisborough


Beatrice Lythgoe proposed that Denis Bell be awarded Honourary Life Long Vice-Presidency in recognition of everything he has done for the Association, and the Committee agreed unanimously.

Denis said he was honoured to accept.

Alison reported that the signatures for the account could remain the same.

Dates for the next Committee meetings.

Thursday July 14th       4 30pm

Thursday September 15th     4 30pm

Thursday 13th October   Pre-Trip Meeting 7pm

Venues to be arranged.



Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Thursday 4th February 2016

at Sainsburys, Rectory Lane, Guisborough.


Present:   Beatrice Lythgoe, Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Ruth Bryan,

Denis Bell, Margaret Jackson, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Emma Stephenson, Judith Larkin.

Apologies: Tom Williams (who is no longer able to attend because of family commitments) and Redcar and Cleveland Council.

Minutes from previous meeting – accepted as a true record.

Proposed: Phil Howson Seconded: Denis Bell

Matters arising : Ekkhard Metzner will visit Linda and Phil 30/3/2016 to 14/4/2016. He is a widower aged 88. Linda has been e-mailing, in German and English, to discuss arrangements. They may welcome some help with the visit and will be in touch as necessary. If it is a success, we could suggest more similar arrangements in future.


Chairman’s Report

Thank you to Linda for collating the visit feedback from members.

One of the main issues is – what to do in future re first time visitors to R&C and those on a further visit – ie which places of interest to visit.

When asked what time of year would be preferred for a visit to Troisdorf – the Arnolds said they can only visit in school holidays but other members are available anytime, although Margaret cares for grandchildren during school holidays and may find it difficult to visit then.

Last week’s social event, an informal evening held at the Fox and Hounds, Slapewath, was a good start to the year.15 members attended. It was encouraging and we could make it an annual event .

The AGM is to be arranged for March and perhaps we should have another PR exercise before our visit to Germany later this year.

Correspondence and visit to Troisdorf 2016

Heidi has been in touch by e-mail and stated that the best time would be after 14th September. For our members the half term in October would be best. After discussion it was agreed that leaving on 22nd or 23rd October would be suitable, staying 4 nights with hosts. Pam will let Heidi know when confirmed.

DFDS from Newcastle is a possibility as well as Hull crossings.

It was suggested that some coach companies do a tie-up with the ferries .

Margaret will contact several local coach companies and National Holidays to check prices.

If any members wish to fly, they can make their own arrangements.

Treasurer’s Report

The Financial report from the visit resulted in £19.73 deficit. However, ticket sales from the concert resulted in a profit of around £300 for the Association.

The Christmas Fayre raised £104.75 which included £11 for bags and £28 for Name the Doll. There are still 44 bags left to sell.

2016 Membership to date: 13 individuals + 8 families i.e. 29 adults

The Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland as well as the Mayor of Loftus and Father Adam are interested in joining the Association.

The Abbots and the Howdens have resigned, due to changed personal circumstances. Pam has been in touch by e-mail with both couples.

The treasurer will pass on the accounts for audit to Mrs Fitzhugh via Denis Bell. Next year Mr B Stephenson may be able to do the audit, if necessary.

Education and Youth Links

Alison had e-mail from Head of Languages at Bydales to say there is only a small group of students taking German. Alison thought it would be good to offer a couple of students, with their parents, to come on Troisdorf visit. Possibility of grants from Redcar and Cleveland BC to be investigated.

Also to give students details of the Association website. Ruth will contact Secondary Schools re German classes and visit.

Churches Together

When the date for this year’s visit is confirmed Father Adam and Churches Together in Redcar and Cleveland will be notified.

Press and PR

Thanks to Phil for all the website updates – it is looking very good.

Also thanks to Emma for her Facebook input.

Beatrice has many photos – collated over the years since the beginning of the Association – and would be pleased to donate whatever is of interest to be scanned for our website.

Planning for 2016 and AGM date

Pam has arranged with Redcar and Cleveland BC that the AGM can be held at the Redcar Heart on Thursday 17th March 6 30pm for 7pm.

Letters will have to go to all curent paid-up members with a formal notice of the AGM. Chair will send letter with a reminder that only fully paid-up members have a vote at the AGM,

A reminder to be sent to Prior Pursglove to renew their Corporate Membership.

We need completed nomination forms in writing 7 days in advance of the AGM for the new committee. Thanks to go to Tom and to Cam for their past service on the committee as they will not be seeking re-election. Also Ruth will resign as Secretary, while staying on as a committee member.

Any Other Business

The coffee morning at Sunnyfield House – arranged for 4th August – Alison will investigate changing this to another date when more helpers will be available.

Pam to complete proforma for Wilkinsons re gifts.

Future Meeting

It was agreed the the officers should should meet on 10th March 3pm to discuss the AGM. Linda and Phil offered to host this meeting.



25th anniversary display


Minutes of Committee Meeting Thursday 12th November 2015

Present: Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Linda Howson, Phil Howson,

Margaret Jackson, Denis Bell, Emma Stephenson, Judith Larkin.

Apologies: Beatrice Lythgoe, Brenda Forster (Mayor), Ruth Bryan and

Tom Williams.

Minutes from previous meeting – Accepted as a true record

Proposed – Margaret Jackson, Seconded – Pam Stenson.

Welcome by the Chairman – Pam Stenson

Thanks to Linda and Phil for the use of their home for the meeting.

Also to record many thanks to Ruth and Margaret for the brilliant 25th anniversary display they collated on show at the Redcar and Cleveland Council Heart.

Visit Feedback and draft proforma for members.

Ruth has compiled a feedback proforma for hosts and members. This can be completed on line or by post and returned by Friday 18th December.

Margaret and Ruth (NB now Linda) will analyse the comments.

Chairman’s Report and next Chair’s letter.

Thank you to everyone for the ‘best ever’ visit, according to our German visitors. Feedback at the time was excellent.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough and Loftus Town Councils were generous in their support. The Mayor had visited Troisdorf in July and was very impressed with the celebrations there and therefore wanted to reciprocate accordingly.

Correspondence – including letter from Heidi re next year’s visit

Pam has drafted new Chairman’s letter and it was agreed that it is ready to go.

Heidi has indicated that the best dates for visit to Troisdorf would be from 14th September 2016 onwards. It may be necessary to consider other dates – e.g. half term or during term time. The Chair’s letter covers it all and members need to respond by the end of November re preferred dates. The mode of transport can be arranged at a later date according to preferences.

Heidi needs to know which tours would be preferred in order to organise them. Suggestions have been :   a tour of Troisdorf, Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Chocolate Museum, the Ahr Valley, Pfaffendorf Castle.

A record of Thank You letters:

Emma has sent a letter to the Mayor and Father Alan at Loftus, also to Ampleforth

Alison has emailed Preston Park – they responded saying that they would be pleased to repeat the experience any time.

Pam has emailed Kirkleatham Museum.

Linda and Phil sent flowers to Jane in the Mayor’s office at Redcar on behalf of the Committee.

Emma reported that the Mayor and Fr Adam were delighted with the visit and indicated that they would like to visit Troisdorf.

Fr Adam has also offered to do a tour of York Minster in 2017 and would be pleased to host a concert in St Leonards Church, at Loftus, with a reception afterwards in the Town Hall.

Thank you letters also sent to Morrisons and Tesco.

Pam to ask R&C BC for copies of official photos taken during the September visit.

Treasurer’s Report

Alison has booked Sunnyfield House for the next coffee morning : 4th August 2016.

Alison is to change the membership proforma to up-date Bank details; this will then go out with the Chairman’s letter. And to include a photo / video mention and opt-out clause (see below).

It was suggested that any new members would be offered 13months for the price of 12 from 1st December 2015 – 31st December 2016

It is noted that the annual audit is due after 31st December.

Education and Youth Links

Alison to contact the Head of Languages at the Outwood Academy, Bydales,Marske again.

Churches Together

Fr Adam to be contacted re Troisdorf visit. Pam to respond to Troisdorf Church contacts when 2016 visit date is fixed.

Press and PR

Articles and photographs in the Oct / Nov Coastal View and Moor News (pages 23 and 47)

Saltburn Talk of the Town – similar article in November edition.

Draft article from the trainee reporter at the Northern Echo is now on our website (for his portfolio at college)

The December issue of Redcar and Cleveland’s magazine will hopefully include a report of the 25th Anniversary Visit.

Ruth and Pam have asked for the article to be included on the Twinning Website.

Alison proposed that Phil Howson be the Association’s Website Champion (with Alison and Dave as back-up) and the key person to contact for our website as he has already input the constitution, minutes and some photographs. Thank you to Phil for all this effort.

Phil has come across some problems and will contact Tad Web in order to resolve these issues. Phil to copy website information to Alison and Dave.

Alison to email Ian at Tad Web to confirm that Phil will be main contact for web site.

Information posted on web site may need to be restricted in some circumstances for personal security. Minutes of the committee meetings will be edited to remove some financial and personal information for the web site.

If photographs are to be included on web site it was agreed that the membership proforma will need to include a ‘permission for publication’ paragraph (see Treasurer report above)

Pam asked if there was a way of linking web site with Facebook. Emma and Phil will investigate this. Facebook page already links to the Loftus article.

 Christmas Event 1st December in Methodist Church Guisborough

Seven members of the committee are willing to help; we will need to be at the church for 4pm in order to set up our stall.

The Association’s bags can be sold at this event, as well as any baking, which needs to be wrapped and priced. Any small gifts – need to be priced.

Name the doll – extra chocolate prize to be added to the doll to encourage entries.

Vouchers in hand from Tesco to be used for items for this event.

Alison will provide a float.

Another addition to Chairman’s letter – would members like to contribute any items for the Xmas Stall?

 New Year Social Event

It was agreed that this would take place on Thurs 28th January 2016 at 6 30p.m at The Fox and Hounds Slapewath. There will be a carvery or choices from the menu. All members to be invited to attend.


A request via Heidi (Troisdorf) : – A gentleman is looking to spend 3 to 4 weeks in our area to improve his English, and wondered if anyone would be able to accommodate him. He is over 60 years of age.

There were various queries to answer before anyone could commit to this e.g. does he smoke, has he a car, contribution to costs etc.

AGM will be in March – have to give 14 days notice to all members.

Date of next Meeting: will be Thursday February 4th 2016 at 7pm.   Venue TBA



Minutes of the committee meeting on Thursday 13th August 2015 at Sainsbury’s Supermarket Community Room, Guisborough
Present: Pam Stenson, Emma Stephenson, Alison Dodds, Ruth Bryan, Beatrice Lythgoe, Phil Howson, Linda Howson, Margaret Jackson
1. Apologies: Denis Bell, Judith Larkin, Tom Williams
2. Minutes of last meeting: Read and passed, Proposed Alison Dodds: Seconded Phil Howson
3. Matters Arising: Linda and Phil Howson brought the presentation Trophy from their visit to Troisdorf and they gave a report of the celebrations held there. Our Mayor did a marvellous job and Linda gave a wonderful speech in German.
4. Visit : The German Mayor is coming on his own Tues pm – Thurs am; to be hosted by R&C BC. The party will arrive sometime after 5:30pm at The Heart in Redcar where the R&C Mayor will greet them. Refreshments will be provided and by 7pm they will depart for Saltburn House or the homes of their hosts. An info pack will be provided for the guests. Preston Park is booked and it was decided that they leave Saltburn House at 10am, Tuned-In, Redcar at 10:15am to arrive at Preston Park at 11am. Tea and scones will be served and at 11:45am they will have a tour of the house and museum. Alison will confirm this with Preston Park. At 2pm guests will have a chance to visit Butterfly World and we leave at 3pm arriving in Redcar at 3:45pm and Saltburn 4pm. Hosts have to pay £5 and £3:50 for entrances to both venues. It was suggested hosts might provide their guests with a packed lunch as we are back at The Heart for 7pm for the celebrations. Drinks are on the 1st floor landing and dinner is at 7:30pm. A local Young Peoples’ Choir will entertain everyone. The Council is paying for all the German visitors. They are inviting all the local Mayors and the 2 MP’s. All hosts and members have to pay £20 in advance to Alison. The coach will leave Saltburn House at 6:40pm and will depart at 10pm. John will organise the tables of 8 for the hot buffet and desserts will be served to the tables. Tea & coffee will be provided. As the Council does not have an alcohol licence Jane will sort out local beers and the wine. There is a PA system for the speeches by the 2 Mayors and the 2 chairs. There will be a photo opportunity. Linda has flags and gifts for Manfred (Chair) and Heidi (Secretary) have been purchased. We need to check if the Troisdorf Association has a President. Alison & Emma to arrange “sign-up” lists for hosts and members for all day trips. On Thursday we leave Saltburn House at 9:45am and Redcar Tuned-In 10am to arrive at Ampleforth Abbey 11am. At 11:15am there will be a tour of the site and then lunch and cider tasting. If we pay for 22 tickets we get one free. Cost per ticket £17:50. Leave at 4:15pm. We will need to let them know of any dietary requirements and ask whether they will give the coach driver a free soup lunch. The working out of a contribution for the whole week from the German guests will be sorted by Alison. Friday is a day in Redcar & Cleveland. Meet at Kirkleatham Museum 10.30am; leave 12 noon for Loftus Town Hall where the local Mayor, Town Clerk and Vicar will greet us. Steve Sherlock is hoping to join us for lunch and a talk with a possible visit to the dig at Street Houses. Lunch of jacket potatoes and salad with apple pie and cream for dessert will be served. We need an estimate of costs and the price will be split between the Town Council and us. Transport will be required as it is the coach driver’s day off. Eric Whitham and Doreen and Richard Rudland have volunteered their vehicles and time. 7:30pm the Apollo Choir Anniversary Concert at Guisborough Methodist Church. We need to check that the Driver can bring the guests from Saltburn. Ticket sales are going well. Guisborough bookshop has now got tickets and a poster. Beatrice reminded us that the local Mayor needs to be invited if the Council Mayor is there so we need to invite the Guisborough Mayor, Malcolm Griffiths, and provide him with two free tickets. Saturday’s timetable for departure is uncertain but they need to be at the ferry terminal by 2:30pm. It was decided to meet immediately before the Hosts’ Meeting to discuss further developments. Pam will also meet again with Jane at the Council to finalise arrangements. Key committee members might also need to get together to assess progress, as necessary.
5. All members to be asked for memorabilia & photographs for a 25 years display on the evening of Wed 23rd; Ruth & Margaret to co-ordinate and arrange.
6. Chairman’s report: Pam sent 11 letters to local Supermarkets asking for sponsorship for our celebrations and to date only Asda has replied. Unfortunately they can only offer in-house token collection and as we are not a registered charity we may be unable to accept their offer. Redcar & Cleveland have responded to our request for the reinstatement of the Twinning Road Signs and they are now on display. Pam will write and thank them.
7. Correspondence: Linda had an email from Skelton Parish Council about the visit.
8. Treasurer’s report: . Signatories  have now  been added.
9. Alison has also been reviewing the current membership list with Ruth and Pam; she will contact a few lapsed members for this year’s subscription.
10. AOB: The Coffee Morning in Guisborough raised funds for us as follows: Raffle & Tombola £91:30, Coffee £92:50, Refund £8:70 and the earlier successful Strawberry Tea made £70:50. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards these events.
11. Date and Venue of next meeting: 5pm Thurs 17th Sept at The Pursglove Centre in Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough, immediately before the Hosts Evening there at 7pm. Alison and Emma to bring lists for trips and celebration evening. We need all replies by 14th Sept, if possible (to Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), with monies to the hosts meeting on 17th Sept. Pam to prepare a Chair’s letter for all members and hosts, that will also go to all Local Councils in R&C.
12. Meeting closed at 8:55pm; as there was no time for the Press & PR report (apologies to Ruth for this) it was circulated immediately afterwards by e-mail



 Minutes of Committee Meeting Thursday 11th June 2015 at Sainsburys Rectory Lane , Guisborough.

 Present: Beatrice Lythgoe, Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Judith Larkin, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Ruth Bryan, Tom Williams,Margaret Jackson.

 Apologies: Denis Bell, Brenda Forster (Mayor), Emma Stephenson.

 Welcome by the Chairman – Pam Stenson

 Minutes from previous meeting: in the Treasurer’s report it should have stated that the signatories ‘have yet to be notified to Lloyds Bank’ and not ‘has been’. Otherwise the minutes were accepted as a true record.

Prosposed: Tom Williams Seconded: Phil Howson

 Any other business: none.


 Chairman’s Report:

Firstly a huge thank-you to everyone who has contributed, behind the scenes, so far. Most issues are covered in the following agenda items.

Cam Nertney is to be excused from future meetings due to ill health and hopefully will resume in the future. Pam is in touch and will forward the Committee’s best wishes to both Cam and Colin.


Treasurer’s Report:

The change of signatories is being actioned –

Most of the Association’s funds are now in a new Bank account with some in a Savings account.

Previous bank account will be closed completely now.



The Afternoon Tea at the Gleneagles Centre in New Marske on 16 July is being organised by Linda and Phil Howson. Linda showed the committee several versions of a proposed poster to advertise the event – mainly in Marske and New Marske. Final version of poster agreed.

As some of the posters will be outside it was suggested that they should be laminated. Tom Williams has offered the use of his laminator.

Alison showed the committee a sample canvas bag, designed to promote the Twinning Association’s 25th Anniversary, with the logo printed on it, which could be sold for fundraising. A discussion took place as to the viability of this and that they could be on display for sale at the Afternoon Tea and August Coffee Morning in Guisborough Sunnyfield House (NB: now re-arranged for Thurs 13 August 9.30am-12noon).

It was suggested that Hosts may wish to purchase them to give to their visitors and friends. The quotation for 100 bags was £196.60. To be sold at £3 each. A vote was put to the committee. The result was 6 for – 2 against – one abstension. Alison will now send off an order .


Education and Youth Links

Alison will get in touch with Byedales School.

Nunthorpe and Byedales are the only schools in the area teaching German.


Churches Together

Pam had been speaking at a meeting in Guisborough and discussed the lapse in ecumenical Church links with Troisdorf. She hopes to be able to speak to representatives in East Cleveland and Saltburn sometime soon and has another talk arranged in Redcar later this month.

Pam will contact Heidi to see if there is anyone from Troisdorf who is coming here in September who might be willing to take forward the work initiated by Ken and Andrea.


Press and PR

Ruth has been in touch with BBC Radio Tees – with positive feedback. They will want to speak to someone for a broadcast re the celebration event – Pam and Ruth happy to do this.

Ruth will also be contacting Talk of the Town, and various free papers for articles to be included in their press.

Now and Then – publication – article to include photos of the early days of the

Association. Denis will be able to supply these and therefore also need his authorization for publication.


Web Site

There is still scope to do some amendments if necessary.

R + C Council have been asked to update their information.

The Minutes of Twinning Association Meetings will eventually go on web site.

Web site will have email addresses for the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. We will also look at a ‘Committee Only’ access page.


The Draft Chairman’s letter now ready to go out, with amendment to one ticket price.



There is one extra visitor up to now – Margaret Jackson will be host.

There are other offers to be hosts if needed.

Ruth will check with Saltburn House that the bookings are agreed.

Pam contacted Heidi re the coach for visitors – it will be a 40/50 seater, which is good as there will be seats available for the outings here.

Will confirm that Friday is definitely the bus driver’s rest day.


Arrival – as per minutes from sub committee

Wednesday – It was decided that after the Preston Park visit the coach should return to Saltburn, Redcar etc as everyone will need time for a rest and get ready for evening. Preston Park tour would be best split into two groups – approx 35 in total; Tour about 1hr 30mins. There will be scones/coffee/tea in Billiard Room before the Tour. Cost £5 plus £3.50 if go in Butterfly World.

Evening Celebration – The Mayor and Chief Exec are keen to see it go well. Pam met with Jane at R + C and the proposed caterer and they suggest a ‘British Evening’ : Buffet Style – Steak and Ale Pie, Chicken Parmesan or Vegetarian option. Fruit Fool, Eton Mess. Tea / coffee.

There will be white roses (Yorkshire) on tables.

Wine, Beer and soft drinks to be available on side table.

Arrival is 7pm and Mayor’s Welcome 7 30pm. Speeches 8.45pm followed by a young peoples musical performance (approx 20mins). Close 10pm.

There is still discussion re the contribution to the costs from R + C – hopefully will be 50/50. Hosts will pay for themselves. Possibly costs out at approx £20 pp. A list will need to be collated of those wanting to come for the meal and it will need to be paid for in advance.

Display at the Heart for the Celebration. Margaret and Ruth will do this with items to be contributed by as many as possible please.

Thursday As per previous sub committee minutes – visit to Ampleforth.

Friday As per previous sub committee minutes – visit to Redcar and Loftus.There is adequate parking. Also need to know who is going etc as lifts need to be organised. Angel Cafe was suggested as a good eating place.

Evening Concert There will be refreshments in the interval – hopefully these might be provided by the church. Pam to contact the Guides. There will be a charge. Pam will arrange for tickets to be printed and they will be available for sale at the July and August fund-raising events. All Committee members will also be given tickets to sell.

Saturday departure Need to determine Ferry time.


Visit to Celebrations in Germany 4th July Phil and Linda have booked flights and will be leaving on Thursday, returning following Tuesday. The Mayor and her husband are also going. There are still two places as the invitation was for 6. R+C Council will provide gift items.


Any other business

Alison pointed out that the new Redcar and Cleveland boundary signs have ‘lost’ the Troisdorf Twinning link. Hopefully this will be rectified before September. Pam will contact the Council about this.

Next Committee Meeting – 13th August

 Hosts pre visit meeting – 17th September



Redcar and Cleveland Twinning Association.

 Sub Committee Meeting held on Thursday 23rd April at  Fountain Street Guisborough.

Present : Pam Stenson, Alison Dodds, Ruth Bryan, Emma Stephenson , Judith Larkin.


Pam has the list of visitors and details of with whom or where they would prefer to stay, and those requesting to stay at Saltburn House – currently 7 plus the bus driver.

At present there are 21 people but there could be 25 eventually. She will circulate the list once Ruth has contacted all prospective hosts.

Ruth will need to update the list of members and contact details.

Alison also has a members list with details of addresses and phone numbers.

It was mentioned that any new visitors or hosts should check for food and pet allergies.


This was discussed at the last meeting and the visitors will arrive at Redcar Heart about 17/18.00hrs. Hosts will collect from there after a brief tea and cakes reception.


It was agreed that a visit to Preston Park would be arranged for this day for those wishing to go (alternatively visitors could stay and do something locally). A tour includes tea and scones Alison will book this at a cost of £5 per person. There may be time for the visitors to see Butterfly World, which is on the Park. The cost for this is £3.50 – ticket is valid all day. Alison and Pam will be available for translation purposes.

It was suggested that the coach leaves Saltburn at 9 45am, picks up at Redcar Tuned In 10am. The Tour will be booked for 11am. This should leave time to visit Yarm, leaving Preston Park at 14.15 and then leaving Yarm at 15.45. This should allow time for a rest before the evening celebrations.

Need to determine Coach parking in Yarm. Also the number of additional seats available on the coach for English hosts (Pam to contact Heidi)

Evening – 25th Celebrations at Redcar Heart 7pm till 10pm


Visit to Ampleforth Abbey : this has now been booked, for 11am – a tour of the orchard and cider mill with lunch included at the cost of £17 50 pp (one free ticket)

The tour takes up to 2hours and lunch 1hr 15mins.

There may be time to go to Helmsley afterwards and return home by 6/6.30pm leaving the evening flexible. Possibly with a get together/meeting at Saltburn House.

The coach will need to leave Saltburn at 9.45am and pick up in Redcar at 10am in order to arrive for the Tour at 11 30am.


Coach driver – day off (Pam to confirm with Heidi). Therefore hosts and members will need to help with transport.

It was suggested that a visit to Kirkleatham Museum would be of interest – The Saxon Princess and local history – before going to Loftus Church for talk and refreshments as Father Adam has offered this hospitality.   Emma has now arranged for the Loftus visit to be at 12 30pm for a couple of hours.   Plan to be back in Redcar for 3/3.30pm for some free time.

Will need to meet at Kirkleatham about 10 30am until 12noon.

The evening choir concert is to start at 7 30pm at the Methodist Church Guisborough, all meeting there at 7 15pm.

Tickets to be sold at £7.50. Concessions £6. There will be one free ticket per visitor household?

Items to be determined.

Total cost for visitors to be agreed, including all trips, cost of lunch at Loftus and cost of meal for 25th celebration etc.

Coach parking in Yarm

Emma to do posters for choir

Transport to Kirkleatham/Loftus on Friday.

Transport for concert on Friday.


Strawberry Tea will be held at the Gleneagles Centre ,New Marske. 14.30 til 16.30. 16th July.

Coffee Morning on August 1st at Sunnyfield House.


Pam reported that the 1st payment has been made.   There is a draft web site available but the finished website will be up and running by 31st July.

Details of the visit in September will included.

There are to be dedicated pages for the Committee.

Photos of Troisdorf -which need to be authorised by Denis.


Minutes of Committee Meeting Thursday April 16th 2015 at Sainsburys, Rectory

Lane, Guisborough

PRESENT: Beatrice Lythgoe, Pam Stenson, Linda Howson, Alison Dodds, Judith Larkin,

Denis Bell, Tom Williams, Philip Howson, Emma Stephenson.

Apologies: Ruth Bryan, Margaret Jackson, Cam Nertney

Observer: Joyce Bell

Welcome by the Chairman – Pam Stenson

Minutes from previous meeting on 5th February 2015 accepted as true record.

Proposed: Denis Bell

Seconded: Pam Stenson

Matters Arising:

Officers Meeting took place on 17th March 2015, prior to the AGM.

It was proposed and agreed unanimously that Beatrice Lythgoe continue as president

for 2015: Proposed: Pam Stenson Seconded: Denis Bell

Oberhausen Trip : details supplied by Tom Williams and included as an addendum to

minutes of last meeting 5th February 2015

The gifts, presented at the AGM, to Joyce and Denis Bell and Kim and Steve Arnold,

were engraved vases.

The Chairman, Pam Stenson, said she was very pleased to have a full committee.

Pam explained that in accordance with the constitution we can have up to (3) co-opted

members on the committee. We already have one, ie – Emma Stephenson. We will need

to look, for any further co-opted members, at the skills set offered, including a Churches

Together Representative still required.

Chairman’s Report:

Welcome everyone and thank you to the new committee for your commitment.

There is an upward trend with membership and there have recently been more


Since the last meeting Pam has had a meeting with Jane Holmes, from Redcar and

Cleveland Council, and it was confirmed that there will continue to be

involvement from the council.

Tad Web have submitted a draft contract- re web site, it was agreed that the

Association should continue to go forward with this. There will be two equal

payments, one to start the procedure and the second on completion. There will be

ongoing maintenance of the new web site.


Re September visit – Pam has received emails from Heidi with reference to the

numbers for home stays and those requesting to stay in Saltburn House.

Pam has been in touch with a German speaking Blue Badge Guide for the

Newcastle tour.

An invitation to attend the 25 years celebration in Troisdorf, on 4th July, which

was addressed to Doreen Ludland, went to the Mayor’s office. The invitation is for a

delegation of up to 6 people to attend, including the Association’s Committee.

Pam proposed that as Vice Chair, Linda Howson, should go as our representative.

Alison Dodds proposed that Phil Howson accompanies her. She also proposed

that at subsidy of £50 be allocated to the cost of anyone going to 4th July celebration.

Following further discussion about travel costs etc Denis proposed that £150 be paid

towards the cost of two flights, ie Linda and Phil’s. This was put to the committee for a

vote and it was carried by 6 votes and 2 abstensions (Linda and Phil Howson).

Pam said she would inform the Council that 2 committee members are definitely

going to attend. Heidi is on holiday at present so she will get in touch asap.

Depending on the Council’s decision on attendance, after the May elections,

there may be

one or two more places for the Association (at own cost)

Beatrice Lythgoe said that we need to consider the matter of what gifts would be

taken to the celebrations. Pam said she would speak to the Council re this as there may

be some items already available that could be used. Beatrice thought it would be good

to have some small items which could be distributed when Linda and Phil there.

Other correspondence: Up-date from Cam to say that Colin is doing better than


A Logo drawing for the web site has been submitted from Margaret Jackson. It was

generally agreed that it would good to use this. It was also suggested that it could

possibly be used to for tile decoration, suitable for a gift. Emma Stephenson is to cost

this with Lucie Winkies and Hippopotamus.

Treasurer’s Report:

Membership. More new members. There is at present at total of 38 members,

comprising 16 individual, 10 family, one corporate and one Honourary Life member. This is

an improvement on last year. We need to draft a letter encouraging lapsed members, and

those who only joined to go on trips, to join again, This should detail the September

Celebrations and welcome all previous members to attend.

Denis had a list, which showed membership back to 2010. This could be used for

the above purpose.

Alison has now completed the transfer to the new Bank. They could not open a

Savings Account immediately because of procedures for new accounts. Would it be worth

considering a Savings Account anyway because of the very low interest rate. ??

There is an uncleared cheque for for Public Liability Insurance.

The change of signatories has been notified to the new Bank. No need to change TSB.

There will be four persons as signatories.

Tad Web have submitted a price for the creation of a new web site.. Alison proposed that we

cover the  VAT cost (council have agreed a grant towards cost) as it is not reasonable to

go back to R & C Council for the extra VAT payment. It was agreed that it was best to go

ahead and pay Tad Web in two installments as proposed in order for the web site to be set

up.Alison suggested that Pam send them an email to that effect.

Corporate Membership. We need to actively seek any companies, especially

those with connections to Germany. Possibility – Wilton site? Klinger? Lidl ? Aldi?

Education and Youth Links

Byedales School to contact re September – Judith Hansforth – German



Churches Together Update

Nothing new to report. Father Adam Gaunt, from Loftus,still keen to be involved

in September.

Press and PR

Notices re the 25th Anniversary will need to be in as many local publications

as possible. Hopefully web site will make an impact on public awareness.

September Visit

The visitors will be travelling by overnight ferry into Newcastle on 22nd .

A 3 hour tour of Newcastle with a German Speaking Tour Guide will be

arranged, followed by lunch before leaving at 4pm for Redcar. ETA at Redcar Heart is

1730/1800 where there will be a welcome tea. Hosts will be there to collect visitors

The visitors staying at Saltburn House will be taken there by the coach.

The cost of the of the Newcastle tour will be approx £150; this amount will

be the responsibility of the visitors. Need to be made fully aware of this.

Wednesday 23rd It was suggested that a visit to Preston Park would be suitable,

leaving out the river trip. Alternative is to go to Bishop Auckland to see the Zubarran

paintings, but this is possibly too far when the Anniversary Celebration is to take place

in the evening at Redcar. Could fit in trip there Saturday on way home.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Council Chamber in Redcar Heart will take

place on Wednesday 23td September -7pm till 10pm

It was decided that the whole week needs to be costed.out.

Denis said that formal receptions have previously been paid for by the

Mayor’sFund. Hosts usually have one free meal per guest.

The formal arrangements for Wednesday also need to be clarified e.g. Mayor’s


There may be a bar on the evening, but if not, could it be possible to take own.

Pam will check with Jane about this.

Thursday 24th It was suggested that a trip to Ampleforth could be arranged.

Tours can be booked and lunch could be arranged there. There is also Helmsley Walled

Garden, Castle and the town itself to see.

It was also suggested that the evening could be an informal get together at

Saltburn House, and possibly a joint Committee Meeting.

Friday 25th is a rest day for the coach driver. There would be opportunity to go

to East Cleveland . Transport could possibly be arranged through members.

Friday Evening Concert by Teesside Apollo Male Voice Choir has been arranged

by Pam. This will be in the Methodist Church, Westgate, Guisborough. The choir are

doing this performance free of charge, but would like donations towards their costs.

One free ticket per guest, for hosts, was suggested. Tickets to be £7.50 and £6

concessions. JL to contact G Jarred to see if will donate printing of tickets.

Linda to do posters for the concert.

Phil asked if the timetable and trips out could be finalised before they go in July.


Afternoon tea will be held in New Marske Gleneagles Community Centre

on Thursday 16th July 1430 to 1630. There will be scones, cream, strawberries

and some fairy cakes. All help on the day and any baking appreciated. Proposed cost £2

50pp and 50p for fairy cake. This has been arranged by Linda.

Coffee Morning in Sunnyfield House on 1st August 930 till 1230, has been


Next Committee Meeting to be 7pm on Thursday llth June at Sainsburys.

As there is a great deal of planning and PR to do for this year it was agreed that

there would should be a sub committee to help organise everything. Pam will contact

Ruth and hopefully Pam, Alison, Emma, Ruth and Judith can meet on Thursday 23rd

April at  Fountain street, Guisborough. at 1530pm – Linda & Phil


Other offers of assistance from Tom & Margaret & Denis will also be taken up.



Redcar & Cleveland Twinning Association

 Minutes of the committee meeting held on Thursday 5th February 2015 at Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough

Present: Dennis Bell, Joyce Bell, Linda Howson, Phil Howson, Brenda Kendal, Beatrice Lythgoe, Margaret Jackson, Doreen Rudland, Richard Rudland, Pam Stenson and Gerard Tompkinson.


  1. Apologies: Alison Dodds, Ken Harris, Kim Arnold, Steve Arnold, Cam Nertney, Tom Williams.



  1. Matters Arising: Brenda didn’t recall getting the Chair’s letter in December.

Good slide show on 28th January with 14 people there though weather was poor. Thanks to David Dodds and Paul Evans.

Logo not suitable for new website. Margaret Jackson will do new A4 drawing of present logo in next 3 months.


Gerard agreed that he will organise the venue for the AGM at The Heart in Redcar.


  1. Chairman’s report: Pam welcomed us to 2015. She said it was a promising start with some new members. She thanked Steve and Kim for all their efforts and recognised that it was a difficult decision for them as they have kept the association together for the last few years and have strong and close ties with Troisdorf. Pam asked if we as a committee should send condolences to Andrea’s family. Pam will ask Ken about that.


  1. Correspondence: The ‘Troisdorf Way’ road sign at Kirkleatham Business Park in Redcar is broken. Pam sent an email to the council. It is not a council owned road but Claire Stanton sent a message and assured us it will be repaired and positioned so that it can be seen. *Latest up-date: two new roadsigns now in place

PR messages have been placed in The Gazette, Herald & Post, Saltburn’s Talk of the Town and Coastal View etc.

Heidi has emailed about the September visit – Mon 21st Sept – Sat 26th Sept which means 4 nights in Redcar & Cleveland.

The email requested info on Hotels and the possibility of a tour of Newcastle. We   discussed whether Durham might be a better option.


  1. Plans for 2015 visit : Plans were discussed. As Alison is away from the 24th Sept. Wednesday night was suggested for the celebratory night. We signed on 22nd Sept in 1990. Venues were discussed such as The Heart and The Hub. It was decided to email Jane and Gerard Tompkinson agreed to see Jane and discuss the venue. The Mayor’s Parlour could be used for the initial welcome reception where parking for the coach is convenient. It was decided details could not be further considered at the meeting until dates were fixed with Heidi.

There was a request for the Teesside Apollo Choir, maybe a Thursday evening concert. It was suggested that it be open to the public and a charge for tickets be made so that it raised funds. The Clare Singers were also suggested. A suitable venue might be Guisborough Methodist Church. Pam will go ahead with plans.

The hotel was discussed. The Spa hotel has problems parking the coach but it was suggested that the council help with parking issues. Doreen and Gerard said they would look into that. Pam and Margaret said they would look at Saltburn House as well.

We need to get things organised before May, with dates in the Mayor’s diary. Pam asked how much to forge ahead but it was reported that Amanda Skelton is committed, not necessarily in monetary terms, but in other ways. That is a comfort to the twinning committee.


8.Treasurer’s Report:

Regarding the opening of the new bank account – there have continued to be delays with this. On approx Dec 20th Alison received a paying in book and a cheque book from them and thought the account was open. She paid money in as above at the Guisborough branch. Subsequently she was phoned from the Guisborough branch and was told that in fact the account wasn’t fully open and that the money had been put in a holding account. She expressed her frustration. Before Alison left on holiday she heard there was a clearance of sorts to open the account .

*Memberships for 2015 received so far: 10 individual memberships/3 couple/family memberships/1 corporate membership


  1. Education: Nothing to report
  2. Churches Together: Spoken about earlier (see para 4 above)
  3. Press and PR: Tom Williams asked for a facebook page and the request is being considered. The website needs to be up and running asap.
  4. The Constitution: The proposed review was discussed with Gerard Tompkinson and a few ideas were put forward. Denis Bell pointed out that family membership only gives one vote at the AGM. It was agreed to take copies of the revised draft home and comment to Pam by 19th Feb. Gerard will make amendments and get back to Pam with a final agreed version in good time for the AGM on 19th March.
  5. Gerard also confirmed a  grant this financial year from R&C Council for the new website development.


    1. A.O.B: Pam reported that we have been invited to take part in Middlesbrough’s visit to Oberhausen in July but no definite dates were known. Travel is to be flights Newcastle / Dusseldorf
      1. Outward: 27 July, 11.55 arrive 2.15 The price of £168 includes one checked in case, up to 23 kilos.There is no fixed time for booking but if any one is interested in travelling they can contact their secretary
      2. Travel from Newcastle, the carrier is German Wings but booking on line through Lufthansa.
      3. Return: 3 August, 10.55 arrive 11.20

      Pam asked members to give her details of previous members who might be interested in joining us for our 25 years’ celebration.

  1. Meeting closed 21:00h